Probate Law in Edmond, OK

When an estate holder dies without leaving a will behind, that person’s property and financial assets will have to be distributed by the probate court. At McRorie Law, we can help families through this sometimes difficult process. Individuals throughout the Edmond area turn to us when they have questions related to probate law.

There are several options available depending on the size of the estate. For estates with a value less than $50,000 an affidavit of heirship may be the best option. For estates with a value of less than $200,000 a summary administration may be the best option. A summary administration is an abbreviated form of probate and can often save time and money. No matter how complex the legal situation may be, we’ll provide you with valuable local representation. Our goals will be to simplify the situation and look out for your best interests. Call us today at (405) 726-1199 to set up an appointment.